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About Infovorr

That's me! I'm Val, or Infovorr, or any one of a bunch of other handles and aliases I go by currently and have gone by in the past. I am, as it turns out, a cyborg that manifests online as a dog.

I'm a scientist and engineer by education (cybernetics and computational cognitive science) and a hacker by profession. Turns out when you grow up as a PC gamer in the late 90s and early 00s, and the only remotely tech savvy person in an extended family with nothing in the way of real tech skills, you learn a lot about computers pretty quickly...and if you happen to be hooked on cyber culture and game modding/tweaking, even more so.

I code, I hack, I write, and I do both PC and tabletop game development, too. I'm also seriously into a number of other things that'll probably (maybe) get pages on this site in the future. Anime? Roguelikes? BattleTech? MUDs? Furries, even? Who knows!

Infovorr's HTML+ About Page - April 15, 2021

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