Infovorr Around the Web

Bluesky: Yet Another Twitter Alternative (TM)

Cohost: It's like Tumblr, but ???

FurAffinity: My main public repository for furry art I've gotten. No kids allowed.

FurryNetwork: My dead FurryNetwork account

Itaku: My underused Itaku account.

Mastodon: Lord help me I'm back on my bullshit

MyAnimeList: A growing record of the many hours I've wasted on anime and manga.

Pillowfort: My underused Pillowfort account.

Tumblr: My old aesthetic blog, which I still update from time to time.

Twitter: Twitter sucks ass, but this is my clean one.

Twitter (NSFW): This is my NSFW Twitter.

Weasyl: My dead Weasyl account.

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